The original beefy bars, these beautiful 1¼" stainless steel bars have been on every Exile since day one. Smaller looks wimpy, larger looks silly - these are the perfect size. Four basic styles are offered; highbars, widebars, sportybars, and dragbars. Custom requests may be accommodated as each set is finished to order. Basic bars are supplied with 1" end sections to accept regular controls, throttle etc., but a variety of trick options can be ordered.

Internal Throttle Assembly

We manufacture this assembly ourselves and believe it to be the best available. It features bearings instead of bushings for a super-smooth action. We use this device on every bike we build – there is simply no excuse for an exposed throttle cable on a custom bike!

Throttle Cable 
available separately

“completely clean bars - the exile way” 

Twist Clutch

We offer a Left Twistgrip Assembly that is identical to the Internal Throttle Assembly, except that it is for use on the left side of the bars and has a reversed spiral with a steeper angle to double the leverage. This can be used to pull a cable for many custom applications, but we frequently use it to activate the clutch - so we have combined it with our Twist Clutch Cable to create a complete Twist Clutch Assembly. 

Hidden Switch System

One stealthy rubber strip controls all your switching needs; turn-signals, horn, Hi-Lo and even starter! Just one wire connects to the tiny module which can easily be hidden under the tank or seat.

Grips also available for 7/8" Bars

Traditional Risers

Aluminum risers with 
hidden hardware,
designed to accept 1¼” bars.

hand lever controls

Available bored to 
clamp on 1¼” bars.

Front brake with
master cylinder

Cable clutch lever


Master Cylinder

We hide this MC between 
the flat-side gas-tanks on 
bikes with integral 
perches and levers.


Rubber Grips or Knurled 
Billet Grips, also available
for 7/8” bars.