One of the very few bikes we've ever built that was not in black. The Silver Bullet has a very sophisticated air about it and looks as if it would be right at home in a Bentley showroom. Still tough, but with that upscale edge to it.

  • With a Total Performance engine and JIMS 6-speed transmission this bike costs $50,000
  • Complete Bike Kit, ready to paint, around $30,000 as shown
    (for HD engine and trans deduct $4,000)


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These 'ground-up' bikes are built from scratch using an Exile frame and Exile parts throughout. Other than engines, transmissions and some electrical components we make almost every component for a bike. Almost any of our 'models' can also be created as a Trike. It is possible to mix-and-match style components from different bikes so we can build your Exile your way. You might like a particular bike we have built, but you might want a Softail frame, or different bars, or turn-signals, or a foot-clutch, or whatever, on your machine. These are NOT the only bikes we can offer. We are always available to discuss a new project in great detail.

Your Special will come with an Exile VIN number and a "Certificate of Origin for a Vehicle" that your DMV (or equivalent) will use to issue title (unless you are a California customer). Alternatively, we can supply a separate 'Manufacturer's Statement of Origin' for the frame, the engine and the transmission.