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This section of the site will explain the options for the Complete Bike Kit, tell you what parts we like to use and why, and help you make your decisions.

Use it to guide you through the Order Form/Calculator.

Although we primarily use the Avon 230 in our bikes, they will accommodate the 240 and 250 tires as well. We are doing little to promote the use of these tires because we don’t like their low-profile appearance. The 240 is considerably smaller than the 230 tire. On a 7” rim it measures about 8.9” compared to 9.2” for the 230. On a 8” or wider wheel the rim sticks out past the edge of the tire and becomes the widest point. The Avon 250 is a little wider at 9.25”, but is still ultra-low profile. The 240/18 and the 250/18 have virtually zero side-wall, so from a side-view they look anything but beefy. We like our bikes to look like they have huge back tires, not just huge back wheels. That’s just our opinion.

Please read the parts section of the site as well as the Specs & Pricing Info for basic information on our components, we will not repeat that information here. Please read all the literature we have supplied thoroughly before calling to ask us questions. We wrote this stuff specifically to answer your questions and we have tried to provide as much information as possible in it. We discovered early on that if Exile Cycles was going to survive, we needed to do something to stop the endless flow of simple questions that would suck up all our time. That said, we realize that purchasing one of these Kits is a major step and most customers will need to have us address some issues for them before they feel ready to place their order.
We look forward to hearing from you.



Most of the information for ordering a frame is here. Each frame is built to order by Daytec. Daytec makes these wide frames exclusively for us. The build time for a frame is about 6 weeks, which gives us time to prepare the rest of your order. Many of our components require mounting tabs on the frame, which Daytec are unable to provide. We can weld these mounts to your frame for you and the price for that service is listed under the labor section of the order form. We have jigs for most of these mounts, so this labor is usually complete within a short time of your frame being received. If you would prefer to mount these yourself, then we will, on request, supply the appropriate tabs with the part in question at no extra charge.

You may choose the Daytec regulator mounting tab, which positions the regulator in the stock position, between the front legs of the frame, or we can mount your regulator under the transmission plate for you. You can select the coil mounting location on the frame center post behind the rear cylinder, or we can mount your coil to the TOP MOTOR MOUNT. You’ll need to choose the rake and stretch for the look you desire.

Hotrod, Bulldozer, Bullfighter, BarHopper all have no stretch and 32 degree neck.
Fat Bloke, Fat Tracker, Steamroller, Flamed chop all have no stretch and 35 degree neck.
Mad Max, Silver Bullet, George Clooney’s bike have no stretch and 40 degree neck (6 degree trees).
THE chopper has 4” front tube stretch and 45 degree neck (6 degree trees).
Pure Sex dragster has 2” front tube stretch and 45 degree neck (6 degree trees).


rear brake

The majority of our customers choose the Sprocket Brake Kit for a really clean rear end. With a 15” rim it is almost impossible to fit an 11.5” rotor, so if you are not running our Sprocket Brake then do yourself a favor and choose the PM ‘rigid application’ brake system or a similar set-up with a 10” rotor.


rear fender

Choose whether you prefer the Trojan or Basic look (or price). If you choose a Trojan, then decide on Long, Medium or Short. We always choose the Short Trojan for the minimal look we prefer. We will decide the appropriate fender width for your rear wheel. Trojan fenders require a chain clearance cut out. If we are mounting your rear fender, then we will also be making these cuts for you. Our fender mounting kit consists of a left and right tab that bolt to the inside face of the axle blocks on the frame, two tabs that weld to the fender and two lengths of round stock to weld between the tabs. The passenger strength version also includes three curved pieces that are used to create additional support for the underside of the fender (even without these the Trojan can handle light passenger duty with no trouble). When we mount a rear fender we mount the rear wheel in the position it will take with the chain fitted, and then we mount the fender to suit that wheel position.


tail-light and license mount

We have used a variety of tail-lights on our bikes. Our side-mounted options are the easiest and often the cheapest. We have used the Lazer Star ‘micro-B’ tail-lights on many of our bikes. They come with threaded mounting posts that we weld direct to the frame. If you want these lights to function as a tail-light and brake light then you will need the converters, one per light. We have fabricated the Sparto tail-light into the back of the fender and pricing for this fabrication can be found in the labor section Pricing/Order Form. The black license plate surround is the one we use when we screw the license plate directly to the rear of the fender.


oil tank

We always run the Exile round aluminum oilbag. Our sprung seat mechanism will not work with the Daytec oilbag (or any other ‘horse-shoe’ oilbag) as the battery position interferes with the shock absorber.



Our sprung seat mechanism will only work in conjunction with a round oilbag. It consists of a small hydraulic shock absorber mounted under the rear of the seat, with a needle bearing pivot point at the nose of the seat. It is a refinement of the old-style sprung seat in that it offers suspension with damping and pre-load. No bouncing up and down ten times for each bump! The shock and seat positions are adjustable and the spring can be changed to suit the rider. The skirt on the seat hides the shock completely from a side view, although the system is so clean that it looks great in full view. We have our own steel seat base for those of you who want your seat mounted directly to the frame. The base comes without mounting points, but we can handle the mounting of the seat base to the frame if required.


final drive

If you are running a chain you will need the transmission sprocket as well as the spacer and nut required to mount it. On our bikes we use the 3/4” offset transmission sprockets coupled with the 3/4” offset transmission plate to position the chain to clear the 230 tire.
We like to run a chain because we use the Sprocket Brake Kit, but a chain is also far more able to handle a powerful motor. Belts have a tendency to slip or snap if you ride hard with a big motor.



We don’t supply wiring components. The terminals we use in house require specialized and expensive tools. You will need spools of various colored wire and a variety of terminals.
It would take a booklet this size just to run through the hydraulic components available. We have a blanket price to cover all your necessary components and we will select the appropriate components necessary for your configuration. If you prefer, you can select your own components then simply supply us with a list of part numbers (these parts will still be eligible for discount).
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These options should be fairly self-explanatory, and will be covered in more detail in the Assembling The Bike section.