BikesSteamrollerSpecs & Price List

The following is a list of all the parts and labor required to order this Complete Bike Kit, ready to paint. The total price reflects the 10% discount on parts that we offer on orders that exceed $20,000. The list includes a Total Performance 121" motor and a JIMS 6-speed transmission, but you may order the drive-line of your choice. You may also delete or change any of the parts or labor items listed. Please visit the Complete Bike Kit section of this website. Bike Kits are shipped unassembled but complete, except for wiring supplies and some fasteners.

Item CodeQtyDescriptionPrice EachAmount
9010101Rigid frame, with axle, 35 degree$1,999.00$1,999.00
Wire tubes1Wire tubes in frame$75.00$75.00
HFK1Hide-away fork-stop kit$175.00$175.00
NBRS1Neck bearing and race set$25.00$25.00
12-800-001SJP Extra -wide Fat Glide 300 front end, zero degree, stock length$2,699.00$2,699.00
Misc1Misc - Exile headlight bracket for SJP Trees, w/socket-head bolt, SCOTCHBRITE$19.00$19.00
M155200S1Monster front wheel, 15"x5", with 200 Metzeler tire, single-flange, SCOTCHBRITE HUB AND RIM$1,149.00$1,149.00
FAS1Front axle spacers, kit$15.00$15.00
EFCP1Exile front brake caliper, 4-piston, SCOTCHBRITE$299.00$299.00
EBR11.51Exile brake rotor, 11.5", stainless steel, SCOTCHBRITE$199.00$199.00
Misc1Misc - front brake rotor bolts (5)$10.00$10.00
Misc1Misc - front hub spacer, SCOTCHBRITE$39.00$39.00
60-3531SJP single headlight, 3.5", H4 halogen, SCOTCHBRITE$399.00$399.00
FBHB1FatBar Highbars, 1.25" stainless steel, w/integral risers, integral perches and levers, internal throttle, and rubber grips, SCOTCHBRITE$848.00$848.00
TCK1Throttle cable kit for internal throttle$25.00$25.00
BCC1Barnett clutch cable$55.00$55.00
RFMC1Remote front master cylinder with cable, mounting tab etc.$349.00$349.00
M157230S1Monster rear wheel, 15"x7" with Avon 230 tire, single flange, SCOTCHBRITE HUB AND RIM$1,199.00$1,199.00
RAS1Rear axle spacers, kit$15.00$15.00
SBK501P1Sprocket Brake Kit, 50 tooth, SCOTCHBRITE$649.00$649.00
ST10.51Short Trojan fender, 10.5"$399.00$399.00
FMK21Fender mounting kit for passenger use$100.00$100.00
LEDB1Exile LED tail-light on black axle-mount license bracket, small size$199.00$199.00
ESM1Exile seat mechanism with shock$399.00$399.00
L-107-E1Exile sprung seat with skirt by Le Pera$179.00$179.00
OB151Oilbag, 15", with battery box and starter clearance$699.00$699.00
Misc1Misc - polish oilbag, and SCOTCHBRITE$40.00$40.00
61-20891Rubber mount bushings (4)$25.00$25.00
49-27001Outlet fittings, straight (3)$15.00$15.00
2556-61High quality black oil line, 6'$25.00$25.00
58-13221Yuasa YTX20HL-BS battery$99.00$99.00
152941Flatside 'fatbob' gastank, 6 gallon$183.99$183.99
LPGC1Exile lo-profile aluminum gas caps, pair, ONE VENTED, ONE NON-VENTED, SCOTCHBRITE$99.00$99.00
270871Pingel polished aluminum petcock$79.00$79.00
FCOO1Forward Controls, no kickstand holes, no master cylinder, SCOTCHBRITE$699.00$699.00
3034-00111Jay Brake 5/8" master cylinder for stock applications, SCOTCHBRITE$122.95$122.95
FCBR1Stainless brake push-rod with SS heim joint$60.00$60.00
KSA1Kick-stand assembly, weld-on, with stainless kickstand, SCOTCHBRITE$199.00$199.00
80201JIMS 6-speed, clean-cut gears, SCOTCHBRITE$2,799.00$2,799.00
Misc1Misc - clutch pushrod$20.00$20.00
NB1Neutral Blanker$30.00$30.00
SSP2Speedo sensor plate$40.00$80.00
1036201Billet kickstart kit for 6 speed, 2" kickarm offset, SCOTCHBRITE$754.95$754.95
CTP0.751Custom transmission plate, 0.75" offset$75.00$75.00
TC189N21Tech Cycle 2.0KW starter (1/4.20 thread)$399.00$399.00
SC1Starter Cover, billet, SCOTCHBRITE$99.00$99.00
P-48-76-S-0.751Primo 3" open belt kit with clutch, no motor plate, with 0.75" pulley offset$849.00$849.00
MBPF1Motor Brace Plate with spin-on oil filter, SCOTCHBRITE$249.00$249.00
PP-4001Primo chrome steel rotor cover$19.00$19.00
PP-106-4-NH1Primo chromed aluminum domed clutch cover$29.00$29.00
PC1Exile front pulley cover$249.00$249.00
Misc1Misc - polish pulley cover and SCOTCHBRITE$30.00$30.00
ESK1Exile starter kit for use with Primo 3" belt kit, SCOTCHBRITE$799.00$799.00
OTS25B1Offset transmission sprocket, 25T, 0.75" offset$149.00$149.00
TSS1Transmission sprocket spacer, for late model seal$30.00$30.00
35211-361Sprocket nut$10.00$10.00
RK1Nickel-plated 'O'-ring chain$120.00$120.00
TP1211Total Performance 121" motor, polished, we supply S&S Super G carb and billet pushrod tubes, SCOTCHBRITE$7,999.00$7,999.00
GAC1Goodson Air Cleaner, SCOTCHBRITE$199.00$199.00
843321Adjustable S&S choke device for use with Goodson air cleaner$18.95$18.95
170161Compufire 32 amp charging system, inc regulator$245.00$245.00
EPC1Exile smooth billet points cover, SCOTCHBRITE$39.00$39.00
245291Crane HI-4 single fire performance coil$159.00$159.00
PWK1Plug wire kit$20.00$20.00
SSMH1Stainless steel hardware kit to mount motor$29.00$29.00
TMM1Exile billet top motor mount, SCOTCHBRITE$249.00$249.00
EMDP1Exile 2.5" Monster drag pipes with baffles and polished billet tip (raw steel)$399.00$399.00
Olympic1Finish for pipes - High Temp SILVER$200.00$200.00
41-04881Exhaust pipe flange kit, evo$25.00$25.00
Misc1Misc - exhaust gaskets, pair$5.00$5.00
EIS1Exile ignition switch with billet mount, SCOTCHBRITE$99.00$99.00
GHSK-SS1Goodridge hydraulic supply kit, stainless steel$400.00$400.00
Discount1Customer Discount - 10%-$3,073.98-$3,073.98
L161Install neck races in neck cups$10.00$10.00
L171Install neck cups in frame$25.00$25.00
L11Shop labor - weld kickstand mount to frame$50.00$50.00
L191Weld mount for rear master cylinder$50.00$50.00
L141Weld mount for front remote master cylinder$50.00$50.00
L21Shop labor - weld oilbag mounts to frame$100.00$100.00
L41Weld mounts for seat mechanism to frame$100.00$100.00
L341Weld tabs for passenger pegs to frame$100.00$100.00
L311Reposition lower front mounts on flatside gas tanks$100.00$100.00
L321Reposition upper front mounts on flatside gas tanks$150.00$150.00
L331Fabricate aluminum dash panel, SMOOTH, SCOTCHBRITE$500.00$500.00
L61Shop labor - weld exhaust mounting tabs to frame$150.00$150.00
L71Shop labor - modify axle head for exhaust clearance$75.00$75.00
L31Shop labor - mount rear fender w/passenger strength$400.00$400.00
L221Mock assemble front end and adjust axle spacing$150.00$150.00
L151Drill and tap SJP trees to accept "hidden" fork-stop kit$100.00$100.00
L91Mount regulator under transmission plate$25.00$25.00
L101Drill & tap top motor mount to mount coil$25.00$25.00
L441Notch oilbag for nosecone clearance$50.00$50.00
L281Machine starter kit to accommodate motor brace plate with offset, and supply appropriate spacers$50.00$50.00
L381Misc - additional fabrication - weld clutch cable tabs to frame, weld wire loom tabs to frame, weld ground stud to frame$125.00$125.00
L451Scotchbrite labor on all polished parts$500.00$500.00